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    About DFD

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    Corporate Profile

    Do-Fluoride  New Materials Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter called "DFD") was established in  December 1999. DFD is a new high-tech enterprise whose business scope  mainly includes research and development, production and sale of the  high-performance Inorganic fluoride salts, electronic grade chemicals,  lithium ion battery materials, new energy automobiles. Besides, it is  the first listed company in the inorganic fluoride chemical industry in  China.

    DFD  develops the innovation route of "Technology Patentability, Patent  Standardization and Standard Internationalization". DFD has one project  of National 863 Plan, two projects of National Torch Plan, one project  of National Plan of Invigorating Trade by Technology, three projects of  National Key New Product Plan. What is more, DFD has ten special  projects in terms of Model Project of National Hi-Tech Industrialization  and Strategic New Industry.

    DFD  has declared 228 national patents, with 159 patents authorized. DFD is  in charge of formulating and revising more than 50 national standards  and industry standards. By the active participation in the formulation  of international standard, DFD has become the convening unit for  international ISO/TC 226 fluoride salt workgroup. DFD built the first  laboratory of inorganic fluoride chemical industry which has been  accredited by China National Acceditation Service for Confirmity  Assessment, in which national standard samples such as synthetic  cryolite, aluminum fluoride etc. are developed. Furthermore, DFD is the  convening unit for fluoride salt workgroup of inorganic branch of  National Standardization Technical Committee of Chemical, and the  designated developing unit for national nonferrous metal standard  sample.

    DFD  has nation-accredited cooperation Science & Technology Center,  nation-accredited laboratory, provincial fluorine-containing fine  chemicals engineering laboratory, provincial inorganic fluoride chemical  engineering technology research center, and provincial postdoctoral  research and development base. It is entitled by national high-tech  enterprise, national innovative pilot enterprise, national technology  innovation demonstration enterprise, top-one-hundred private enterprise  of China petroleum and chemical industry.

    In  the past decade or so, depending on self-innovation, DFD has developed  and possessed the production technology at the world’s advanced level of  anhydrous aluminium fluoride and lithium hexafluorophosphate. It is the  only corporation which possesses the industrialized technology of  producing synthetic cryolite by sodium fluosilicate method and  co-producing high quality silica white, the leader of anhydrous  aluminium fluoride production technology, and the international  corporate champion of crystal.lithium hexafluorophosphate. The sale  volume of synthetic cyolite has been in the first place for 12 years  throughout the world and anhydrous aluminium fluoride or 6 years. In  2014, lithium hexafluorophosphate took up more market share than  Japanese competitor, and reached the top in terms of sale volume in the  world.

    Recently,  by the advanced fluoride chemical technology and fluoride resource  advantage, DFD accelerates the pace of developing new energy lithium ion  battery. Based on the breakthrough of foreign monopolized technology of  producing lithium hexafluorophosphate, DFD realizes the  industrialization of raw material of lithium ion battery. Furthermore,  DFD also by itself develops the core materials such as electrolyte,  cathode material, diaphragm, etc., so that the self-production is  achieved of power lithium ion battery.

    From  lithium ion battery to the power integration of electric automobile,  for the moment DFD is focused on the Research and development and  production of the finished electric automobile. In July 2015, DFD  managed the acquisition of Hebei Hongxing Automobile Manufacturing Co.,  Ltd., which constructed the industry chain of electric automobile, laid  the solid foundation for developing new energy automobile industry and  gradually realized the dream of serving the country by new energy  automobile industry.

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